We develop chatbots
and API integrations

Connecting Whatsapp, iMessage and Viber to your CRM and bussiness systems

Tell us how you see, ideally, the interaction scenario, and we integrate the bot with your systems to make it smarter and more useful

Bots are a new tool for increasing business efficiency, which will allow companies to reduce additional costs for customer support. Bots can perform almost any task that you can only come up with.

Interact your customers through Whatsapp, iMessage and Viber.

Bots are able to answer customer questions, accept payments and send status updates.
Chatbots save millions of dollars on customer communications.

Automated helpdesk

Answer FAQ, perform routine actions faster and cheaper than a tech support specialist does.

Marketing notifications

Direct or mass messages with news, special offers and status updates

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Receiving payments

Making safe money transfer via PayPal, Stripe an custom gateway integration

Online appointments and reservations

With the help of a bot, your customers can get advice or sign up for services

Experienced chatbot development team

We have done cases for different businesses. Contact us for more information

Our prices

  • Bot Standart, 1-2 weeks

    $ 500

    A regular chatbot with integration into 1-3 API methods

  • Bot Plus, 2-4 weeks

    $ 2.500

    Complex logic and integrations

  • Bot AI, 3+ weeks

    $ 5.500

    Deep learning natural language processing plus business integrations

Ready to develop chatbot?

Describe your bot/integration functionality briefly in 3-4 sentances.


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