WhatsappAPI demo

To test our bot and API, please send any message to +54 9 11 3633-1413

How to get demo access



You can register your account via email, or you can sign in directly to app.chat-api.com using your Google Account or GitHub Account.

Demo access


You will immediately get 3 days of demo mode with full access to the functionality. To work with the API you will need to login through a QR code in your personal cabinet.

Working with Whatsapp Gateway


Send and receive WhatsApp messages using examples from the main page or from our guides. Pay for unlimited API access $39/month or $390/year after 3 days trial.

Full and free access to all functionality for 3 days

Chat-API is one of the best WhatsApp API gateways to date and has a lot of features and capabilities to help you make any kind of integration or application based on WhatsApp. If you need Demo for more than 3 days or more than 5 accounts, then write us.

  • Full unlimited access to receive and send messages
  • Early access to new features and adaptation for updates
  • Write first
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Support for all formats: files/photos/locations/vcards
  • Quick start without moderation

We have prepared for you bot development guides:


It is highly recommended that you do not send bulk messages or marketing mailings. It is very likely that you will be banned by the Whatsapp anti-spam system.