WhatsappAPI demo

How to get demo access



You can register your account via email, or you can sign in directly to app.chat-api.com using your Google Account or GitHub Account.

Demo access


You will immediately get 3 days of demo mode with full access to the functionality. To work with the API you will need to login through a QR code in your personal cabinet.

Working with Whatsapp Gateway


Send and receive WhatsApp messages using examples from the main page or from our guides. Pay for unlimited API access $39/month or $390/year after 3 days trial.

Full and free access to all functionality for 3 days

Chat API is a reliable tool for business and programmers that can be integrated into your customer accounting system, send mailings, notify users, and much more. Chat API is multifunctional, you yourself can choose the option of working with WhatsApp that you need, including setting up the bot. Today, the Chat API cooperates with more than 3,000 companies and programmers around the world and processes more than a billion user requests per month.

  • Full unlimited access to receive and send messages
  • Early access to new features and adaptation for updates
  • Write first
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Support for all formats: files/photos/locations/vcards
  • Quick start without moderation

We have prepared for you bot development guides:


It is highly recommended that you do not send bulk messages or marketing mailings. It is very likely that you will be banned by the Whatsapp anti-spam system.