What is Chat API?

Chat API is a WhatsApp API provider and a gateway for working with messages. If you are looking to contact your customers via WhatsApp, you have come to the right place. We have been in the business since 2015 and today we work with more than 3000 programmers and organizations globally and serve over 1 billion user requests per month.

From the very start, we have been focusing on helping programmers to integrate with WhatsApp, which is why Chat API has a wide functionality with over 200 methods that are being constantly updated. Therefore, if you want to both direct your customers to WhatsApp and build your own WhatsApp solution (whether it is a CRM/ERP system, a chatbot, or some other platform), Chat API will be your perfect choice.

Another thing that we offer is a chatbot builder (actually, even two of them) and the official Facebook’s WhatsApp Business API. The differences between Chat API and the WhatsApp Business API are described in this article.

What can the service do?

Small or medium-sized businesses can use Chat API to contact their customers via WhatsApp which will optimize their marketing expenses on bulk messaging. We can either automate communication with your customers with the help of our built-in bots or develop individual scenarios using the available API methods.

If you have a particular IT solution, for example, a CRM system, a bot, or some other platform, Chat API will enable you to easily integrate with WhatsApp. An SDK generator in your user account and a guide for developers in the knowledge base will assist you here.

If you are a large business, you may be interested in the official WhatsApp Business API.

What features does the service have?

Chat API performs quite many functions. In your user account, you can find tools for testing API functions, an SDK generator, two chatbot builders, a base64 converter, a link builder, as well as a convenient interface that allows you to add, pay for, and manage your instances.

Using the documentation and manuals, you will be able to send all types of files and messages in WhatsApp, automatically create and manage instances, install webhooks, set up event notifications, create groups, work with the “goods” category, as well as do many other things.

How do I start working with the service?

Everything is pretty simple. Go through the registration process, scan the QR code in your user account, and you can start sending messages without moderation. To use the service, you will need a smartphone with a stable internet connection. Also, take care not to let WhatsApp switch to the background.

In this video at our channel, you can view the registration process and learn about Chat API’s functionality.

Do you have chatbot builders?

Yes, we have two of them.

– Menu-bot. The free tool solves simple tasks related to processing incoming messages. To learn more about it, go to our article (containing a video) in the knowledge base.

- Visual bot constructor. This tool is more powerful, and it is designed to solve various complicated tasks of communicating with your customers via WhatsApp. It is an extra feature that is paid separately from the service’s basic functionality. You can learn more about it from the explanatory article in the knowledge base.

Will Chat API be updated together with WhatsApp updates?

Yes, it certainly will. We have been developing and maintaining Chat API since December 2015. Typically, WhatsApp releases 3 to 4 updates a year that influence the work of Chat API and we adapt to these changes within 1 working day.

Do you do integrations?

Chat API works with over 3000 programmers and organizations globally and processes more than 1 billion user requests per month. That is why we focus much more on providing a good stable API rather than integrations per se.

At the same time, our users report that integrating with the service is a simple and easy process. For a smoother integration, you can use an SDK generator in your user account and a guide for developers in the knowledge base.

How much does it cost?
The price for connecting one instance is $39 per month.
One instance means one phone number.

You can have as many instances in your user account as you want, and the more instances you connect, the better is the price for one instance. The “discount ladder” looks like this:

- 1-5 instances - $39/instance;
- 6-20 instances - $34/instance;
- 21-50 instances - $29/instance;
- 51-100 instances - $19/instance;
- 101-500 instances - $15/instance;
- 501+ instances - $9/instance;

You can learn about our pricing policy and special offers here.

How many accounts can I connect for $39 per month?

$39/month is what you pay to connect one WhatsApp account to the Chat API service. If you connect more than 5 accounts, you get a special offer.

How stable is your solution and what about account bans?

We have been working since 2015 and all this time we have prioritized stability and safety. On our part, we guarantee:

- a unique IP for each client;
- a safe authorization process via the settings in your user account;
- a proxy server (you can either use our proxy or set up your own proxy server in your user account);
- good server uptime;
- 24/7 customer support.

Besides, in the six years that we have worked with WhatsApp, we have learned to urgently update our service following the messenger’s updates. Thanks to that, you will hardly notice any background technical work.

That said, we should note that in the case of bulk messaging, even these effective safety measures may not be enough to protect your phone number from being banned. The most reliable way to protect your account is to follow our recommendations of working with the service. The recommendations are listed here.

Can I bulk message?

Chat API does not have a limit as to how many messages you can send. However, we do not recommend sending more than 6000 messages a day. If you want to send more messages, it makes sense to connect more phone numbers.

Keep in mind that when you bulk message, users can mark your messages as spam which will inevitably lead to your number being blocked. So take care to send messages only to the clients who expect them from you.

How do I set up notifications for incoming and outgoing messages?

You will need to set up your webhook for incoming ACK notifications. In this article, you will find a very detailed guide for setting up webhooks.

Is the status "Delivered" and "Read" displayed when sent via the Chat API?

Yes. See the section "ack" in the documentation

How do I send a message to the WhatsApp group?

1) Create a group using the POST /group method.
2) Get chatId through the GET /messages method.
3) Send a message to the group via POST /sendMessage method.

Can I send images, audio and video files?

Yes, you can.
Important! Use the /sendFile method instead of the message (sendMessage) method in the link to the token. Send only https links (do not send http). The maximum file size is 60 mb. It is better to send large files with a link, not base64.

Can I send buttons in WhatsApp messages?

Yes, you can. Use the /sendButtons method.

How do I format the message text?

Follow this instruction in the knowledge base to format or line-break your text.

Are there any guides to working with your API?

You may be interested in: How to build a simple Whatsapp bot. Guide on PHP , on Python , on Node.JS , on C# or on Java. Bot in conjunction with Google Sheets.