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How to create a simple bot for messengers in PHP
Sending messages, sending files of any format, creating groups, receiving and reading messages
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Building the messengers bot in Python
Made a detailed manual for messengers chatboat development on Python
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Creating a messengers bot on Node.js
A set of standard for our manuals bot functions with docker deployment and description of docker files
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How to Create a messengers Bot using C#
We have prepared a full step-buy-step guide on making a chatbot for messengers using CSHARP
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How to Create a messengers Bot in Java: Example
Download sources + detailed tutorial
In this article, we will look at how to write a simple messengers bot in Java using our messengers API
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messengers bot + Google Sheets API on NodeJS
messengers bot in conjunction with Google Sheets.
Writing and reading from cells, broadcasting from a table, sending a file, etc.
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Tutorial videos, novelties and secrets of working with the API

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