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Ao desenvolver nossas soluções, sempre ouvimos as opiniões de nossos clientes. Portanto, o Chat API é fácil de usar e amigável ao usuário.

Também monitoramos cuidadosamente a estabilidade e a qualidade da conexão, percebendo a importância disto para nossos usuários.

Nossa equipe de suporte está sempre em contato e ajuda os clientes

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MariaReal Estate Agency
In 2018, we were solving the issue of integrating our CRM system with messengers, we had several options, but in the end we opted for the Chat API. Firstly, we liked the responsiveness with which the guys reacted to us - they helped us a lot in integrating the Chat API with CRM. Secondly, this is the multifunctionality of the service, which our programmers liked. We continue to work with the Chat API and are excited about our joint growth.
DmitryAccounting department
When we were looking for ways to optimize our communication with customers, we tried many services. But most of them did not provide the flexibility that we need when implementing our own solutions at work. These restrictions were very frustrating. And when we found the Chat API, it was like a breath of fresh air. This is the solution that suited us the most. Simple, convenient, affordable. I also like the friendly support team and how fast they respond. Strong and good product.
When choosing an API, I am primarily guided by stability and fluidity - these qualities are very important to me. My choice was on Chat API. I have been working for almost a year, everything suits me. And I like that the API is very easy to use, create bots and other.
HaithamTeam leader developer
Im helping customers to serve people on whats app using my interface and your api they can login with hunderds of users to serve and monitor quality. The stability of your service is better than that of others, and I like that the support service responds quickly enough. In addition, I also like that the API Chat is open on your servers, not mine. It's much easier this way.
João IgnácioSoftware Architect and Development Manager
My consensus is that the service is great, always on the air and the support meets whenever we need it. Something very good is that several of my requests for both problems and improvements have been taken into account and implemented where possible.
RibhuOmni-channel for hotels
Good UI and self serviceable. I can create an instance from scratch and pay from my card and get running with messengers. No need to email anyone and all the steps are automated. This is great!

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O Chat API é um API multifuncional para o messengers. É a ferramenta mais estável para empresas e programadores de hoje, que pode ser integrada em qualquer sistema de contabilidade de clientes, enviar mensagens, notificar usuários e muito mais.
Hoje o Chat API funciona com mais de 3 000 empresas e programadores ao redor do mundo e lida com mais de um bilhão de solicitações de usuários por mês!