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Developer friendly API for integration with CRM, Bot, Data, etc

Official mailings and bots
Service mailings without the risk of being blocked.
‘Branded Messaging’ possible
Buttons in messages
Add interactive buttons to the message.
Rich Messaging (images, files, location, videos, links, etc)
Maximum delivery speed
Direct integration with WhatsApp IT infrastructure for instant message delivery.
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Outgoing Template Messages *
We NEVER charge any extra cost per message, WhatsApp fees will be passed through according to
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Up to 100,000 messages / day
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Access to WhatsApp APIs
Build your own solution
Outgoing Template Messages *
We NEVER charge any extra cost per message, WhatsApp fees will be passed through according to
WhatsApp Price List
Up to 100,000 messages / day
Caring support
Zero Setup Fee
Quick Onboarding
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Fast & automated self-service account activation

Send message

WhatsApp limits the content of message texts with which you can start a conversation with a customer or continue a conversation 24 hours after the last message of the customer. This message must be a pre-approved template. There is a charge for sending a template. If the client has answered you, you can communicate with him for free within 24 hours from the moment of receiving the answer. Read more.

$data = [
    'phone' => '79995253422', // Receivers phone
    'body' => 'Hello, Andrew!', // Message
$json = json_encode($data); // Encode data to JSON
// URL for request POST /message
$url = 'https://api.chat-api.com/message?token=83763g87x';
// Make a POST request
$options = stream_context_create(['http' => [
        'method'  => 'POST',
        'header'  => 'Content-type: application/json',
        'content' => $json
// Send a request
$result = file_get_contents($url, false, $options);
var request = require('request'); //bash: npm install request
// URL for request POST /message
var url = 'https://api.chat-api.com/message?token=83763g87x';
var data = {
    phone: '79995253422', // Receivers phone
    body: 'Hello, Andrew!', // Сообщение
// Send a request
    url: url,
    method: "POST",
    json: data
// URL for request POST /message
var url = 'https://api.chat-api.com/message?token=83763g87x';
var data = {
    phone: '79995253422', // Receivers phone
    body: 'Hello, Andrew!', // Message
// Send a request
$.ajax(url, {
    data : JSON.stringify(data),
    contentType : 'application/json',
    type : 'POST'
curl \
-d '{"phone": "79995253422","body": "Hello, Andrew!"}' \ # Phone and message
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \ # Headers
-X POST \ # Type = POST
"https://api.chat-api.com/message?token=83763g87x" # URL for request POST /message

Set a Webhook

Receive notifications about personal messages through incoming http requests to your server. This is the main function for creating a chatbot. All you have to do is change the token and the instance number.

// First of all - set a webhook to URL like http://your_website.com/my_webhook_url.php

// Parse a webhook data
$data = json_decode(file_get_contents('php://input'), true);
foreach($data['messages'] as $message){ // Echo every message
    // Handle every message here
    // Add to the database or generate a response
// First of all - set a webhook to URL like http://your_website.com/my_webhook_url

// Require Express JS и Body Parser for JSON POST acceptance
var app = require('express')();
var bodyParser = require('body-parser');

// Handle POST request
app.post('/my_webhook_url', function (req, res) {
    var data = req.body; // New messages in the "body" variable
    for (var i = 0; i < data.messages.length; i++) { // For each message
        var message = data.messages[i];
        console.log(message.author + ': ' + message.body); //Send it to console
    res.send('Ok'); //Response does not matter


Profile Management

You can view and edit your Whatsapp profile. However, if you want to change your display name, there are a few rules.

$data = [
    'address' => '79995253422', // Recipient's phone
    'description' => 'Best Company', // Message
    'email' => '', // Email of the organization
    'vertical' => '' // The industry
$json = json_encode($data); // Let's encode the data in JSON
// URL for POST request /message
$token = '8376213g87x';
$instanceId = '777';
$url = 'https://api.chat-api.com/instance'.$instanceId.'/me?token='.$token;
// Let's form the context of an ordinary POST request
$options = stream_context_create(['http' => [
    'method'  => 'POST',
    'header'  => 'Content-type: application/json',
    'content' => $json
// Let's send a request
$result = file_get_contents($url, false, $options);


What is WhatsApp Business API (WABA)?

To connect your business with customers on WhatsApp, you need an API gateway or interface that will mediate between your solution (it can be a CRM system integrated with API, WhatsApp chatbot or something else) and users. Such an interface is the official solution from Facebook - WhatsApp Business API.
Learn more about the official WhatsApp Business API from Chat API in this article.

WhatsApp Business API benefits

- Sending messages without fear of being blocked;
- There is no need to keep your phone on;
- Green check mark (badge) and company name in WhatsApp profile after Facebook approval;
- Up to 100,000 messages per day from one number;
- Ability to add buttons to messages for quick customer response;
- Extended information about your company in the WhatsApp-account properties (address, website, working hours, etc.);
- A greater level of status and customer trust in a number that uses an official Facebook solution.

Chat API provides the official WhatsApp Business API?

Yes. Chat API has been successful since 2015 and offers users to optimize their communication with customers on WhatsApp through their own technology solution. Starting in 2020, we became aware of the need to provide an official WhatsApp API as well, so since 2021, Chat API began connecting users to the WhatsApp Business API through WhatsApp API provider 360Dialog.

How to connect?
Chat API connects to WhatsApp Business API through the official provider. Connection is instantaneous with the new approach to registration with deferred verification.

You initially get an active number with the WhatsApp Business API, with which you can test work and customize the integration, while company verification, approval of the displayed name and coordination with Facebook policy take place in parallel with active access to the API.

Connection procedure:

- Go to your personal Chat API cabinet. Pay for the first month's use of the number;
- You will be given a registration form (you must have a Facebook Business Manager number and ID to successfully register). Fill out the form and you will get access to your personal account on the provider's website 360dialog;
- Go to your personal 360dialog account. Generate API KEY. Specify the API KEY in your personal Chat API cabinet;
- At this stage your number in API will be available with restrictions. You will be able to create templates of messages and send them to a small number of users. To complete your registration and remove restrictions, you will need to complete verification of your business. You will have 30 days to complete the inspection.
- Submit a document and get verified through Facebook Business Manager. Once Facebook confirms your business, all restrictions will be lifted. Details about verification in this article.
- Enjoy working with the official WhatsApp Business API.

There is also an old or "Classic" form of registration. In it you first pass all the checks, and then you get access to WhatsApp Business API. We wrote more about this approach in this article.

How long does it take to connect?

With the help of a new approach to registration through registration with deferred verification, the connection occurs instantly, and the verification and verification of the company takes place during the test and work with the current WhatsApp Business API number.

What numbers will work for the WhatsApp Business API?

We advise to connect a new number that has not been registered in WhatsApp. If the number is already in use in the application and associated with business processes, you can use the procedure of emigration from WhatsApp applications to WhatsApp API, but to do this you will have to completely delete the WhatsApp account and the number will be unavailable for some time to communicate with customers.

Landline or mobile numbers are suitable. It is important that the number can pass sms verification or number confirmation via call. Please note that the call verification method is not available for some countries.

If the number is already connected to WhatsApp Business API through another provider, you can also transfer this number to Chat API.

Learn more about the specifics of selecting a number for the WhatsApp Business API in this article.

Please note that once connected, the number cannot be used for normal WhatsApp applications. Deleting a number from the WhatsApp Business API Facebook database after registration is a complicated process, it can take from 10 to 90 days and is not always successful.

Only a legal entity can get the WhatsApp Business API?

Correct. Only legal persons who can provide all the official documents for their business have this option.

How do I get a green badge on WhatsApp?

At first glance, everything seems quite obvious. You must meet the following criteria and go through the following steps:

- Your company must be verified in Facebook Business Manager;
- You must be connected to WhatsApp Business API and pass the Display name and compliance with Facebook policies;
- Set up two-factor authentication in Facebook Business Manager;
- Have at least a second level of trust rating for the WhatsApp number;
- To be a well-known and recognizable brand.

If you have passed all the stages and meet the criteria of Facebook, it is enough to write to our support service and apply for the status of an official business account (OBA).
Tips, instructions and pitfalls described in detail in this article.

What is the price?

The monthly subscription fee is 39$. From 5 phone numbers or payment for one year at a time discounts are available.

Sent messages that go beyond the 24 hour dialog window are charged separately. The cost of 1 such message is calculated according to Facebook rates, and may be lower depending on the number of messages sent.
Important: We have described more about pricing and payment procedures in this article.

Unsubscribe. The rule of the reserve month.

Pay attention to the perhaps not the fairest, but mandatory calculation rule that Facebook declares. For simplicity, we called this rule "Reserve Month".

In case you decide to give up the WhatsApp Business API and delete the number, the order of settlement will be as follows:
-First, the funds for the month in which the number was deleted will be debited in full, even if you delete the number in the first days of the month.
- Second, the month following the month in which the number was deleted will also be charged as a fully working WhatsApp Business API period.

In other words, Facebook always reserves another extra month for itself, following the month in which the number hosting failure occurred. We don't think it's quite fair either, this procedure is being discussed now and may be changed soon, we'll be sure to notify you of that.

If you cancel the subscription or there is not enough money on the card, the number is blocked until the circumstances are clarified.

Important: We have described more about pricing and payment procedures in this article.

Message templates

These are Facebook-approved messages. Every message initiating communication with a WhatsApp user is checked by Facebook for compliance with a number of requirements. Read more about this in this article

24-hour dialog window

This is the time period that begins at the initiation of communication and ends 24 hours after the last message delivered in correspondence. All messages within the 24-hour window are free.

WhatsApp Business App and WhatsApp Business API

These concepts are often confused. WhatsApp Business App – is a business app that has advanced functionality on the WhatsApp application itself. WhatsApp Business API – is an interface or gateway that allows you to automate and optimize communication with users using bots or operators connected to WhatsApp through CRM systems or other platforms.

Display name

These is the user or company name displayed on WhatsApp. Read more about this in this article.

Registration with deferred verification

A new approach to customer registration at WABA. Characterized by the fact that you immediately get an active number. Read more about this in this article. There is also an old or "Classic" form of registration. In it you first pass all the checks, and then you get access to WhatsApp Business API. We wrote more about this approach in this article.

What our customers say

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Ribhu Omni-channel for hotels

Good UI and self serviceable (can create an instance from scratch and pay from my card and get running with WhatsApp. No need to email anyone and all the steps are automated. This is great!)

Gonzalo Chatbot developer

It’s good. The API works fast, whatsapp’s messages arrive in seconds.

João Ignácio Software Architect and Development Manager

My consensus is that the service is great, always on the air and the support meets whenever we need it. Something very good is that several of my requests for both problems and improvements have been taken into account and implemented where possible.

Jeff Internet Technology University

It is good and stable! There could be more opportunities for collaboration. Currently it is one-side API, but it has potential for more.

Price and sign up

Monthly cost from $30/month for a WhatsApp account.
From 5 numbers the price will be lower. If you connect more numbers, individual conditions can be agreed upon.
The price includes technical support and all the features of the official API.

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